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on the need to protect israel from iran. they differed on how they would go about doing that. obama is making his first vit to israel as president. >> we agree that a nuclear armed iran would be a threat to the region, the world and a threat to israel. >> obama said he would prefer to resolve the issue diplomatically. he said would in his administration would do whatever ask necessary to keep the iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. netanyahu thanked obama for reaffirming the right to defend themselves against threats. >> foremost is iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> he said he appreciated u.s. efforts to stop the iranian nuclear program. he said those tools must be augmented by a clear and credible threat of military action. >>> police in south korea are investigating what they suspect is a cyber attack against the computer networks at key media outlets and major banks shut down, leaving employees staring at blank monitors and people unable to withdraw cash from atms. >>> south korea's public broadcasr sa the network thousas of computers. police say two other broadcas
vrjts a call for peace. u.s. president barack obama urges the palestinians to put aside their differences. barack obama says peace in the middle east is possible. he addressed 600 young israelis asking them to reconcile with palestinians. he assured america is behind them. >> i'm proud that the relationship has never been stronger. >> he asked them to empathize with those in the occupy territories. >> and put yourself in their shoes. look at the world through their eyes. it'sot fair that a palestian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. >> he urged them to take steps. > >>>. >>> three banks suffered be attack on dnesday afternoon. malware affected servers and disabled more than 32,000 computers. they traced the code to an ip address in china. authorities warned they would retaliate for a strike on their networks. officials in seoul say this was the latest breech by hackers. someone compromised their website at the same time. text appeared saying hit man 007 kingdom of moracco. the simultaneous nature of the attacks say they involved more sophisticated techniques
abe promise barack obama last month he would see to the quick relocation of the air station. >>> a group of victims of one of the biggest food poisoning cases ever in japan has received some disappointing news. they've been trying to get compensation but a court in western japan says too many years have passed since the poisoning occurred. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: this woman has suffered from asthma and joint pain for more than four decades. she's 59 years old. she's asked us to hide her identity. she's one of dozens of plaintiffs in a case against a japanese company. >> translator: the tainted cooking oil ruined all my dreams. i wish i were healthy again. >> reporter: the oil poisoning incident is one of japan's biggest food poisoning cases. it happened at the height of the country's economic development. a company called kanemi soko produced cooking oil in the 1960s. the oil was tainted with toxic substances. including dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls, pcbs. symptoms of this poisoning vary and take time to pinpoint. thousands of people complained of healt
update the movement on immigration reform, as president obama uses a citizenship ceremony to prod congress to send him a bill.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)